Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

#66 - Crochet Lacy Beanie

 Crochet lacy beanie. Crown pink and blue, below that blue with white shimmer yarn and edges are done with matte blue with white shimmer yarn are used.

Price: $10.00

#52 - Lacy Silky Neck Warmer

Light, shimmery, silky, blue boucle yarn.

Price: $30.00

#119 - Soap Bag

I use soap bar in my scarves. Sometimes they can stain my scarves. I thought about a cover for my soaps. I have knitted lacy bag for the soaps. This also can be used in the bath. You can soap this bag and wash your body. Green cotton yarn will remove dead skins easily.

Price: $10.00

#61 - Toque and Mittens

Orange, yellow and white multi color. The toque and mittens set.

Price: $20.00 per set

#105 - Brown Merino Neck Warmer

Swirl pattern. Merino wool.

Price: $25.00

#196 - Brown Wool Neck Warmer

Brown wool yarn with orange and green specks.

Price: $25.00

#133 - Fuschia Neck Warmer

Soft, adorable.

Price: $20.00

#71 - Toque

Wool Toque.

Price: $10.00

Monday, April 15, 2013

#145 - Napkin Holder

I have used this sunflower pattern material to create this napkin holder. I have done one for myself and used to put Pyrex square dish in it also. When your dish is warm it does act as trivet.

Price: $15.00

#123 - Red Slippers with Cream Pompoms

This wool red slippers are so cute.

Price: $10.00

#120 - Microwave Mitts

I thought this was great idea. I have sewn this little finger mitts to take plates out of microwave.

Price: $10.00